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No one can beat Mstasy’s sheer variety and diversity of successful events


No one can beat Mstasy’s sheer variety and diversity of successful events thanks to our attention to detail, design, and ability to know exactly what your client wants to experience. 


Mstasy has many contacts throughout Cyprus for venues, from intimate get togethers to full on music festivals.


The best events offer high quality food and drink. From pop up bars and food outlets to fully catered events.


We handle all the licence and permit application processes for your event.


We have access to musicians, bands and more who will be the perfect fit for your event.


Elevate your event marketing game with our comprehensive range of marketing services for your event.


We've got you covered with top-notch printing that will leave a lasting impression.


Capture every unforgettable moment with our professional event photography services.


Ensure the health and safety of your guests with our comprehensive event health and safety services.

Equipment hire

Getting set up for your event is easy by visiting Mstasy’s one stop shop for all your event equipment.

payment solutions

Contactless. Tap-and-go for quick and easy payments.

Say goodbye to handling cash and all the hassle that comes with it. Accept payments without the need for physical currency, saving you valuable time and eliminating extra back-office work at your event. 

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