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For professional event organisation and management, or event equipment hire, choosing a respected and reliable partner is paramount. That’s why organisers of major events trust Mstasy to work with them to deliver unforgettable events on time and on budget.

Mstasy can supply everything you need for a successful concert, show or other major occasion or we can work with you to plan and deliver your event, taking the pressure off you and allowing you to enjoy it. No event is too big, or too small, and we are sure you’ll want to choose us for a safe, professional set up that will perfectly showcase your occasion.




Mstasy’s multi-dimensional team includes artists, designers, entertainers, organizers, and technicians because no event will succeed without the talent of the best creative event professionals in the industry.

No one can beat Mstasy’s sheer variety and diversity of successful events thanks to our attention to detail, design, and ability to know exactly what your client wants to experience. 


Equipment Hire

From the staging of major concerts to the setting up of a promotional booth at a conference or exhibition, Mstasy has everything needed to ensure your event is a great success.

Venue Booking

Mstasy has many contacts throughout Cyprus for venues, from intimate get togethers to full on music festivals. Leave the sourcing and booking to us – we know you won’t be disappointed!

Light & Sound

Mstasy can advise on all lighting and sound requirements for big events or small parties. Using top of the range lighting control systems and industry leading quality sound systems, your event will everything you ever hoped it would be and more.


The best events offer high quality food and drink. From pop up bars and food outlets to fully catered events, you can be sure your guests won’t go hungry or thirsty.

Artist Booking

If you’re looking to stage a music festival, concert or just a small gathering where entertainment is a must, talk to us. We have access to musicians, bands and more who will be the perfect fit for your event.

License & permits

Avoid the bureaucratic jungle of getting your event approved by the authorities by letting us handle all the licence and permit application processes for your event.


Equipment hire

Getting set up for your event is easy by visiting Mstasy’s one stop shop for all your event equipment.

If you’re a new band preparing a venue for your first concert or an event organiser hosting a music or cultural festival, we have all the equipment you need to build the perfect stage to showcase your event.

Begin with our lightweight modular staging, add steel framed stalls supporting truss systems for lighting and sound and finish it off with industry leading sound systems and lighting rigs and you’re almost ready to go.

For your audience, we can supply benches and chairs, and keep them safe with crowd control barriers to help direct and protect. For refreshment, we can offer pop up bars with draught beer and other drinks and arrange snack bars or takeaway food outlets on site.

For smaller, family or personal events, we have a wide range of gazebos and marquees equipped with a selection of tables and chairs, a dancefloor, lighting and ventilation and catering, if required.

Don’t forget that we can also help with exhibition booths to help you promote your business at conventions.

Steel Frame Stalls

Outdoor stalls with bar benchs

Stage (TUV) (CE)

Aluminium staginng, Catwalks, Theatre Stages Dance Floors

Truss Systems (TUV) (CE)

Complete Truss System Solution Light Pillars Gates

Exhibition Booths

Basic Exhibition Booths Custom Exhibition Booths

Benches & Chairs

Wooden Benches


Gazebos & Marquees


Wooden bar Draft beer


Crowd barriers


Make Your Dream Wedding Come True with Mstasy – Indoor and Outdoor Wedding Setups

Create an unforgettable wedding experience with Mstasy! 

We offer indoor and outdoor wedding setup that includes equipment hire, truss, staging, light, sound and projector setup for your special day. 

Our team of experts will take care of all the setup so you can just relax and enjoy your special moment. Get in touch with us today to make your wedding the best it can be!

We deliver experiences

Mstasy’s multi-dimensional team includes artists, designers, entertainers, organizers, and technicians because no event will succeed without the talent of the best creative event professionals in the industry.

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